Certified Retail & Sales Manager

09-12-2024 - 13-12-2024 3300 USD Istanbul


Course Introduction:


Retail and Sales managers oversee the day-to-day operations of stores and sales establishments. Many certificate programs offered in the field of retail management focus specifically on the courses that are most likely to aid a manager in his or her duties.


Course Objectives:


There are many benefits, which the course will confer on participants, some of which may be more easily identic with some student groups than others. Thus, for example, unemployed persons may gain an enhanced sense of personal value from participation; new persons to the retail industry may gain an increased sense of direction from seeing the possibilities open to you.


Benefits to the Individual

·         A first –level qualification in sales and retail indicating knowledge, expertise and competence. 

·         A qualification to enhance the job prospects and promotion possibilities of participants.

·         Serves as a stepping stone for further studies.

·         Familiarize themselves with the sales environment and business Community.

·         Familiarize themselves with the retail business and industry.

·         Understand the business link and how to deal with third parties.

·         Understand how to improve the business by their communication, relationship and image.

·         Create more flexibility towards the business and clients.

·         Understand client relationships and improve the quality of customer service.


Benefits for your Organization:

·         Improve business efficiency by having a well-qualified and competent workforce.

·         Improve relationships through individuals developing their work and personal potential.

·         The ability to recruit or select the right person into the right job.

·         A benchmarking system to provide standards for work appraisals.

·         A means of identifying people for promotion and future developments.


Who Should Attend?


Newly appointed, prospective or current sales managers who need to respond to customer, team and company needs and seasonal sales managers who want to refine sales planning, build leadership skills and become more powerful decision makers, motivators, communicators, coaches and counselors through advanced sales manager training.



Course Outline:


Module 1: Supply- Chain Overview

·         The Retail Chain

·         Types of retail business

·         Retail Elements

·         Organization for Success

·         Business Communication

·         Getting the right IT

·         Retail and Computers


Module 2: Skills Building

·         The communication

·         The process

·         Barriers

·         Improving business communication

·         Body Language

·         Verbal and non –verbal skills

·         Working Relationships

·         Team Building

·         Problem solving

·         Time management

·         Competition and co-operation


  Module 3: Stock storage and order processing

·         Purchasing Process

·         Receive goods and materials into storage

·         Quality of Material

·         Put goods and materials into storage

·         Keep stock on sale at required levels

·         Process orders for goods

·         Process returned goods and materials

·         Place orders to meet customer demand

·         Stock Management

·         Stock Control Process

·         Stock Rotation

·         Customers Orders


Module 4: Merchandising and selling goods

·         Retail Outlet Layout

·         Category Management

·         Different Display Equipment

·         Prepare products for sale to customers

·         Display stock to promote sales to customers

·         Help customers to choose products

·         Maximize product sales

·         Provide information and advice to customers

·         Demonstrate products to customers

·         Process payments for purchases

·         Promote Loyalty schemes to customers


Module 5: Hygiene, Health & Safety

·         Maintain hygienic standards in handling and storing of goods

·         Operate and in health and safety environment

·         Lift, transfer and position of goods

·         Manual Handling

·         Contribute to the maintenance of the Health and Safety in the workplace

·         Contribute to the security of the workplace


Module 6: Customer Service

·         Give customers a positive impression of yourself and your organization

·         Support customer service improvements

·         Resolve customer service problems

·         Process customer service information

·         Business Communication


Module 7: Contribute to the overall business

·         Performance Management

·         Measuring Success

·         Calculating Stock turn

·         Demand Satisfaction

·         Supply –Chain (Logistics) Costs

·         Logistics Concepts & Function



Course Methodology:


A variety of methodologies will be used during the course that includes:

·         (30%) Based on Case Studies

·         (30%) Techniques 

·         (30%) Role Play

·         (10%) Concepts

·         Pre-test and Post-test

·         Variety of Learning Methods

·         Lectures

·         Case Studies and Self Questionaires

·         Group Work

·         Discussion

·         Presentation



Course Fees:


This rate includes participant’s manual, Hand-Outs, buffet lunch, coffee/tea on arrival, morning & afternoon of each day.


Course Timings:


Daily Course Timings:

    08:00 - 08:20       Morning Coffee / Tea

    08:20 - 10:00       First Session

    10:00 - 10:20       Coffee / Tea / Snacks

    10:20 - 12:20       Second Session

    12:20 - 13:30       Lunch Break & Prayer Break

    13:30 - 15:00       Last Session


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